James Crocker  :  Samples  of  My  Work

James Crocker


1531 Onionville Rd.

Sterling, NY 13156


Examples of Work:

Sample Video Advertisements I've Created In The Past

Created several videos to show my creative and humorous sides.






























Examples of Websites Completed for Other Businesses:


Online store presence for local business to bring awareness what they offer their local, state and national clients that don't exist at a big box store.



Built on Wix.Com, a website designed to attract new campers and to build an online presence to help increase visilibity. Owner looking to establish additional value in the hopes of selling the business and retiring.

One of favorite restaurants is Vona's in Oswego NY.

No I haven't eaten all the food ... YET ... get there soon before I do.

Video showcasing my idea on how I can help businesses plan an achieve their growth. Waiting and hoping it happens just doesn't cut it with me.

A different version - I choose toplay around with effects and see how they appear plus make a little longer so you had time to read the words.

Yet another version - played around with audio chosen and trying different effects possible using the software.

2010 - present

2010 - present