Setup An LLC Or IncorporateR
Write Your Business Plans
Create Financial Statements
Get Grants / Tax Incentives
Start Your Business Off On The Right Foot
Doing Business As (DBA)
Get A Sales Tax Certificate

Coming up with a new idea isn't the easiest thing to do.

Some think it'll be simple to start a business afterwards.


We can help you file a DBA, apply for Federal Employment Identification Number (FEIN), secure a sales tax certificate, collect and pay sales tax, pay payroll taxes, file required payments for unemployment insurance and workers' compensation funds.



Help you protect your personal assets by creating a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) or incorporating.


Present your business in the best light to your customers and potential investors / partners with a business plan complete with current or beginning financial statements and future projections. Use it to apply for grants and tax incentives offered as part of the economic recovery legislation at the state and national levels.


Need help complying with banking/credit card processing, personal privacy, health privacy and data security laws.


Personal experience with identity theft has made me speak openly and directly with every business I patronize. With our help, you can assure your customers that their information is being protected and secured against theft.


You will be able to accept credit cards with low processing rates. Rates negotiated with companies competing for your business. Accept cards on the go - anywhere you might interact with a client. Combine all your customer information into one database and limit access based on which employee has signed into the computer.


Struggling to understand the complicated health insurance marketplace, retirement account and computer programs.


Utilize research conducted for my own business and that of a customer into options to insure yourself and your employees. Take advantage of my tax experience with the advantages or disadvantages of retirement accounts.


We can help you setup your company books in the program of your choice or convert between them.

Also teach new employees the proper accounting procedures to handle accounts receivable, accounts payable, handling cash receipts and cash disbursements.



HIPPA & PCI-DSS Compliance
Low Cost Card Processing
Accept Cards On The Go
Integrated CRM Databases
Health Insurance Options
Retirement Accounts
Accounting Programs Like
QuickBooks / Peachtree

  Accounting Questions We Can Answer :



Are you an entrepreneur starting a new business and need someone to do bookkeeping ?


Or maybe just need help writing a business plan, filing a DBA or LLC, or need grant writing help ?


Do you need help applying for a sales tax certificate / federal employer identification number ?


Would you like guidance on paying payroll taxes / workers' compensation fund / unemployment insurance ?


Trying to navigate the health insurance marketplace or considering retirement account alternatives ?


Have been in business for a few years and need to change accounting programs ?


Did your accountant or tax professional abandon you after filing your taxes ?


Do you know if you are compliant with banking and electronic communication laws ?


Looking to minimize headaches, keep your customers' credit card and banking information secure ?


Would you like to integrate your different departments into one database to track expenses / profits ?



Accounting Dilemmas We Can Solve