Computer Repairs,
 Sales  &  Installation
Wired Cabling & Network
Wireless Installation

Diagnose and resolve computer issues.

Sell, install & configure equipment and software.


Explain installation & document settings.

Setup computer, network and wireless security.


Run and terminate Cat 5e cabling.

Setup wireless routers, laptops and printers.

 Specific program usage 

I can scan for and remove viruses, rootkits, trojans, worms, tracking cookies, malware and spyware.


Make computer run faster - clean out Internet trash like tracking cookies, temp files and online traces.


Optimize your computer by shutting down or completely uninstalling malware, bloatware and unused programs.



Great storage options for your data: 100 MB - 1 GB.

Excellent banwidth / customer visits: 500 MB - 5 GB.


Shopping cart software: free and paid versions.

Ability to work with a single product or many at once.


eMail hosting: integrate Google Apps / HIPPA security.

eCommerce: credit card processing / PCI-DSS secure.


Manage your personal and business reputation.

Design, print and mail flyers, brochures, postcards.

Plus promotional materials for giveaways/tradeshows.


We can backup your documents to CDs/DVDs.

Create picture disks: play on computers/DVD players.


Secure Internet access and lock down computer's browsers using blacklists to prevent identity theft.


Track your kids online activities or limit their Internet usage.


Virus Removal
 Malware Prevention

Spyware / Trojan Detection


Work / Rootkit Scanning

Website Design / Hosting
eCommerce / eMail

Reputation Management


Publishing & Design

Back Up Your Data
Move It To A New Computer

Identity Protection


Child Proof The Internet

Computer  Questions We Can Answer :


Did your computer suddenly quit working ?  Did you see the blue screen of death ?


Need someone to setup your new wireless network or run cables for a wired network ?


Is your computer doing the crawl?  Are you getting mysterious pop-ups ?


Are you and your kids safe online ?  Does anyone in your household get music/videos from the Internet illegally or from peer - to - peer file sharing services like uTorrent, BearShare, FrostWire ?


Do you know that most computer virus infections were invitied in when YOU visited a website ?


Got a new computer and want to save your old pictures, music, documents, or movies ?


Interested in starting a personal blog ? Ready to create a business website to advertise or sell online ?


Not creative or are you too busy running your business, need someone to create consistent branding and messaging making brochures, business cards, postcards & promotional items like cups and magnets for you ?


Computers Problems We Address